Yours Willa Cather


Melissa HomesteadMelissa Homestead, Professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, during the recording of the Documentary "Yours, Willa Cather"Producer/Director/Writer

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Patrick Aylward


Marg Helgenberger 


Laura Williams

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Scott Leigh

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behind-the-scenes.pngAndy Jewell, Janis Stout, and the video crew during the recording of "Yours, Willa Cather". Mimi Schneider


Christopher Cartmill

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John Beck 


Foster Collins

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Jim Lenertz

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Werner Althaus


Kristi Koser

Patrick Wright

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John Beck

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Erin Green


Janis Stout

Andy Jewell

Archival Film

Historic Films

John E. Allen

More About Cather

Written by Andy Jewell and Janis Stout from Publisher’s Weekly    

Still Photographs

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The Willa Cather Pioneer Memorial Collection

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American Masters

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The text of Cather’s letters is reproduced with her original spelling and punctuation intact.

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