Yours Willa Cather

Letter to Louise Pound

Cather is 19, in love, and confused by her emotions.

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Letter to Sarah Orne Jewett

She is frustrated and pouring out her feelings to a writer who understands.

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Letter to Elizabeth Shepley Sergeant

Sharing what frightens and inspires her.

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Letter to Anne Adams Fields

At ease with her own writing style.

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Letter to Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Desperately trying to get through to her friend.

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Letter to Dorothy Canfield Fisher

Explaining her war novel to someone who understands.

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Letter to President Masaryk of Czechoslovak Republic

She writes of "Antonia" and the children, the Midwest and her dislike of biographies.

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Letter to F. Scott Fitzgerald

Fitzgerald is young and inexperienced; Cather is offering advice and discusses his use of a character from "A Lost Lady".

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Letter to Irene Miner Wiesz

She writes about her books making money and The Professor buying her a mink coat.

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Letter to Annie Pavelka

Annie Pavelka was her inspiration for "My Antonia". She writes to her about sending the additional $10 to cover the entire cost of the electric washing machine.

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Letter to Edith Lewis

The only letter found from Willa Cather to Edith Lewis from the Shattuck Inn.

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