Yours Willa Cather

A Grand Mink Coat!

Listen to the 1926 Letter to Irene Miner Weisz

Monday [January 11, 1926]

Dearest Irene;

     Professor St. Peter has just gone and bought me a grand mink coat! Isn’t he extravagant? I want you please to telegraph Mr. Weisz’s office here to send a man up to the house to insure it for me, on Friday or Saturday of this week at noon (12 oclock) if possible. I’m afraid I’ll lose it just because it’s the first “valuable” I’ve ever had.

     I’m working like a beaver, Dear, and I love my Bishop!

Yours always

Read the Story Behind the Letter

Read the Story Behind the Letter

The sales of The Professor’s House gave Cather a windfall that allowed her to buy a mink coat. She wanted to be prudent and get it insured, and she knew her friend Irene Miner W...